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YouTube’s Purge of Stefan Molyneux

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YouTube’s Purge of Stefan Molyneux

One of YouTube’s earliest users, Stefan Molyneux, has been permanently banned from the platform. He had nearly one million subscribers and hosted one of the most popular philosophy shows on the internet, with more than one billion views and downloads. Now he has been purged, allegedly for promoting “hate speech.”

He has had many famous people on his show, including Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, Jesse Lee Peterson, Douglas Murray, and Victor Davis Hanson. After YouTube’s purge of Stefan Molyneux, one question remains: Who will be the next to go?

Who is Stefan Molyneux?

Stefan Molyneux

Molyneux describes himself as a voluntarist who promotes reason and evidence as the primary means of human engagement, and consequently, promotes the non-aggression principle. He says the theory of ethics that he calls Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB) is his most important philosophical work.

Molyneux has extended the non-aggression principle also to include children and therefore has promoted what he calls “peaceful parenting,” calling for a complete ban of spanking in childrearing. As part of this project, he focused on the importance of fatherhood and the dangers of single parenthood to the mental health of children.

Race and IQ

What got Molyneux in trouble with YouTube was his focus on race and IQ. He argues that when adjusting for well-established statistical differences in IQ, the racial disparities in crime, illiteracy, and income all but disappear. By hiding this fact from the public, people instead turn to systemic racism as an explanation, he claims.

As part of his project to highlight the science of IQ, he has brought on more than a dozen world-renowned experts in the field. He firmly rejects the accusation that he is a white supremacist or that one race is superior to another. He claims honesty about the facts promotes harmony between races.


Another almost equally contentious topic is immigration. In 2016, Molyneux endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump for president, explicitly to curb third-world immigration, especially illegal immigration.

His primary argument is that only Christian Europe has produced the concept of universal human rights and value. All other cultures around the world are still mired in tribalism, ethnic in-group preference, and socialism.

He claims that when immigrants from such collectivist cultures come to America, they tend to import their ideas of socialism and ethnic voting rather than adapting to American values of liberty and individualism.

He argues that culture is sticky, lasting for generations. Mass-immigration from these areas would, therefore, destroy the United States and cause ethnic warfare by demographically shifting the voting patterns toward socialism, racism, and tribalism.

Hate Speech

His treatment of these topics eventually led to YouTube banning him for hate speech and promotion of a hateful ideology. Today, his show is on BitChute, a YouTube competitor that has experienced a surge in popularity in the wake of increased censorship in mainstream social media.

Other alternative tech platforms such as Parler, Locals, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and DuckDuckGo have also experienced an increase in popularity following Silicon Valley’s crackdown on free speech.

Who’s Next?

The pattern of purges should disturb everyone who values free speech. First, Alex Jones was purged from social media. Most people didn’t care because he was promoting weird stuff about lizard people. Then new waves of purges came, with increasingly moderate and famous voices being removed.

Molyneux is not entirely mainstream, but he has had dozens of famous and renowned scientists, politicians, and academics on his show.

Twitter has already started taking down tweets by President Donald Trump. Twitch removed one of Trump’s videos.

Recently, a liberal guest on freelance journalist Tim Pool’s podcast said that after all the looting and media frenzy, he was voting for Trump. That video was shared more than two million times on Facebook but was removed without explanation.

It contained no hateful language, no attack on any group, no controversial statements. If the radical left will come even for liberals, who’s safe from the great purge? There can now be no question that the progressives in control of mainstream social media will continue to erase those who don’t toe the line and support the narrative. The only question remaining is who’s next.


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