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Yesterday’s Graduating Class Warned Us of Today’s Petulance

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Yesterday’s Graduating Class Warned Us of Today’s Petulance

Everyone thought the petulance of millennial college kids actively fighting against their rights was an anomaly, an aberration from a few years ago. Like a parent desperate for peace, society acquiesced to the toddlers’ demands, no matter how asinine. In a blink of an eye, those overly sensitive pearl-clutchers graduated and are now sniffing the real world like Joe Biden smelling the hair fibers on a woman’s head. Amherst, Evergreen, and Mizzou — these are the places of higher learning that emitted intellectual pollution that poisoned the brain cells and corrupted the souls of the student body with red-colored toxins that transmitted in the shape of a hammer and a sickle. Yesterday’s anti-speech and pro-segregation protests were precursors to today’s anarchy, proving that a college degree is nothing more than certification in collective tyranny and individual ignorance.

Hate, Censorship, and Videotape

Melissa Click

The University of Missouri might have been ground zero for the war on the principles of Western civilization. Everyone was complicit in this battle, from the faculty to students. They tried to shut down speech, going as far as to demand “some muscle over here” to help censor journalists. What happened? Two hooligans dropped cotton balls in front of the campus’ black cultural center. They were punished for littering and sentenced to probation and community service. But the mob howled to the moon that this racist behavior was prevalent throughout the entire institution, calling for the president’s resignation. And, yes, he capitulated. The biggest star of the demonstration was none other than Melissa Click, who became the face of today’s pro-censorship movement.

Amherst College was home to a confessional, with minorities revealing their feelings of alienation and isolation. The best way to resolve these emotions was ostensibly to stop referring to its athletes as the Lord Jeffs, a pre-Revolutionary War British commander who recommended germ warfare against Native Americans. Students also demanded their peers who erected “Free Speech” placards to undergo sensitivity training.

Evergreen College was an example of inmates running the asylum. Students became the oppressors, while teachers were turned into prisoners — except for Bret Weinstein. Why were students angry this time? The kids wanted to segregate the school by race for the day, but Weinstein was not in favor of racial separation. It made matters worse when he appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

The children put on a Two Minutes of Hate ceremony on the campus grounds of Yale. This time, a lecturer in early childhood education sent out an email, encouraging everyone to examine Halloween costumes and their cultural impact through an intellectual lens. Demanding scholarly thought from an anti-intellectual movement? The millennials were perturbed, shouting hateful insults and epithets at the sender’s husband, a fellow professor. The scene was caught on camera and invoked laughter and shame from outside observers.

In the end, these graduates left a lasting imprint of show trials, kangaroo courts that have already determined your guilt. It is your choice the punishment: termination or resignation. The results of political correctness and capitulation are worth exploring because these were the events that served as warning signs of things to come.

A Generation Walks Among Us

The graduating classes of the last decade or so are now everywhere. They are a force to be reckoned with, a group whose opinions society must listen to and heed. They are in newsrooms, corporate head offices, and government. They hold the keys to the kingdom, from money to media. As a result, the world must take their demands seriously, whether it is banning books they disapprove of or tearing down statues of abolitionists because of racism.

Their ideas might seem incoherent, but the adults in charge have no other choice but to take these millennials’ babble seriously. In a 280-character tweet, an out-of-context 30-second YouTube video, or a baseless allegation, those kids who hyperventilated about free speech in 2015 can trample on your livelihood today or tomorrow. Anyone with working gray cells may find the absurdity in their proposals, but the establishment does not want the kids to throw hissy fits. It is believed that giving in to one or two demands is a solution, but it is a temporary Band-Aid that would eventually metastasize into something iniquitous and incredulous.

And the youthful protesters understand this. Why else would, for example, the pre-CHOP Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) demand to dismantle the Seattle Police Department and institute racial segregation? When there is no more room in post-secondary institutions, the whiny brats shall walk the earth to tweet about how everything and everyone is racist — except themselves, of course.

The Price You Pay for Indoctrination

It can be easy to dismiss the toddler-like temper tantrums of college kids from a few years ago. They were young and immature and have yet to live a life of paying the rent, balancing a budget, and choosing between the utility bill and food. The problem is that this generation of graduates has a failure to launch, experiencing adulthood later in life than their predecessors. They will continue to be career students or use their degree in lesbian dance theory to blog on Tumblr. After being confined to the state indoctrination system for a dozen years, plus being brainwashed with Marxist propaganda in post-secondary school, it can be challenging to break free from the chains of ignorance. All the kids tearing down statues and burning public and private property genuinely believe in what they are doing, and this is the most dangerous and frightening reality of it all. What is more terrifying than a militant who possesses good intentions?


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