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U.S. Air Base Removes Bible From Table Dedicated to POWs/MIAs | Daily Conservative News

U.S. Air Base Removes Bible From Table Dedicated to POWs/MIAs

Image: YouTube. 

( – The liberal Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complained about the Bible being on the “Missing Man’s Table,” which honors missing or captured soldiers, at an Air Force base in Wyoming and, as a result, the Base Commander removed the Bible.

According to the MRFF, which is headed by Mikey Weinstein, the Bible on the table “disturbed” at least 36 men and women, so they demanded that the holy book be removed. Col. Stacy Huser, head of the 90th Missile Wing at the F.E. Warren Air Base in Wyoming, agreed.

In a statement, Huser said, “One of our focus areas…is increasing the sense of belonging for all our Airmen; a large part of that effort is ensuring the religious and non-religious feel included and cared for. This concern is being brought to our attention and only helps us work toward meeting the needs of all Airmen.”

A "Missing Man's Table" to honor POWs and MIAs.  (YouTube)

Huser proposed the 90th Missile Wing "replace the Bible on the POW/MIA table with a 'book of faith' containing scriptural writings and prayers from the five DOD chaplain-appointed faith groups and a sixth set of blank pages to represent those who find solace by other means."

In a statement, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said, “In caving to MRFF, Huser is only keeping the last administration's disregard for basic military tradition alive. These displays don't violate a single regulation, Defense Department policy, or the Constitution.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee commneted, “It’s embarrassing to the nation. We’re supposed to be a nation that has freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”

Published at Thu, 26 Jul 2018 19:39:45 +0000

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