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Trumpism Spawning ‘Good Germans’ in Conservative Movement?

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Trumpism Spawning ‘Good Germans’ in Conservative Movement?

The present-day toxic political climate has spawned a new era of punditry, creating a generation of talking heads straw-manning and caricaturing the other side to portray it as a force of evil that requires purges and blacklists. The mini-Mao Progressives have transformed commentary into an art of pearl-clutching and hysterics whereby anybody right of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a Klansman lurking behind every corner of Middle America. A more common form of analysis is similar to Godwin’s Law: “As a discussion on the Internet grows longer, the likelihood of a comparison of a person’s being compared to Hitler or another Nazi reference, increases.” But one op-ed has turned it down a notch, comparing conservatives to “good Germans,” citizens during and after World War II who did not support the government but were silent and refused to resist the heinous regime.

Are Conservatives ‘Good Germans’?

Chauncey DeVega, a political staff writer for Salon, utilized every odious and outlandish descriptor for former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and today’s conservative movement in his article. The charged language claimed that, without evidence or defined terminology, Trump and his allies are launching an assault on U.S. democracy through a “neofascist and white supremacist movement.”

This established the basis of the hit piece against 75 million Americans as “good Germans”:

“Today’s Republicans love Donald Trump and his policies. Most of them, however, do not want the shame, stink, blood and filth of his neofascist project on their hands. Like the ‘good Germans’ of the Nazi era, Republicans want to believe that they are good and decent people who can hide behind fictions of plausible deniability for the evils committed by their leader. Calling themselves ‘conservatives’ is an effort to shield themselves from responsibility and complicity. Will this subterfuge succeed? The American people and the world will find out soon.”

Ostensibly, conservatives are taking cover from the collective effort of Trumpism that the billionaire real estate mogul has fueled. This is a movement, according to the opinion writer, that has “normalized right-wing terrorism and political violence directed against liberals, progressives, nonwhites, Jews, Muslims and others deemed to be ‘the enemy.’”

But what would be the endgame for these, as DeVega calls, authoritarians, gangster capitalists, neofascists, and white supremacists? Why, nothing more than to return the United States to a white, male, and Christian nation. He should inform the 53% of women, the 12% of blacks, and the nearly third of Latinos who cast ballots for Trump that the former president’s base is somehow turning the country into a modern-day version of King’s Row.

Everything Conservative Is Evil

CPAC 2021 stageThe left routinely employs Nazi imagery when reporting or opining on anything related to conservatives or Republicans. It is as if Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) fanboys, Bernie Bros, President Joe Biden voters, and socialists lie in bed all day conjuring up portraits of the worst people in the world and applying these fictitious representations to their political adversaries. Wait a minute. Is that not Twitter nowadays?

When CPAC rented space at the Hyatt Hotels for this year’s convention, headlined by Trump, hyperventilating progressives immediately went into overdrive to accuse the lodging empire of hosting white supremacists. They also uncovered something resembling a Nazi relic: a stage design that they compared to an othala rune, a symbol the Nazis adopted from ancient Egypt “to reconstruct a mythic ‘Aryan’ past.” Samantha Bee mocked a CPAC attendee in 2017 for possessing “Nazi hair.” Left-leaning conspiracy theorists falsely accused an Afghanistan veteran of having a Nazi symbol tattooed on his arm. The list is as long as a House bill that nobody reads.

Leftism has become so deranged that the OK hand gesture is now apparently a hate symbol, stirring up controversy if a group of rascals displays the sign on television. The state of political discourse has devolved into vacuous polemics, unleashing asinine op-eds void of facts.

A Nazi Obsession

Of course, comparisons to the National Socialists are nothing new.

For decades, the left has likened conservatives and libertarians to Adolf Hitler and the broader socialist regime. From former President George W. Bush to Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), nobody on the right has been off-limits for this brand of venomous politics. That is not to say that conservatives have been innocent in this tit-for-tat game of Everyone I Don’t Like Is Literally Hitler. But considering that so many of the left-leaning cable news channels, online media outlets, and print publications have participated in this behavior that denigrates the vile acts of Nazism, progressives control a near-monopoly on this grotesque rhetoric. As long as the left defends its ignoble words by believing that conservatives and libertarians are vying for the title of Exalted Cyclops or erecting another Mauthausen death camp to imprison minorities, anything they say or do is justifiable.

Perhaps the only solution in this fantasy where everybody is each other’s enemy is an amicable breakup. Libertarian author and commentator Michael Malice might have said it best, “i am neither conservative nor maga but i am your enemy i do not wish you harm, i wish us to be divided from one another anything further must proceed from that basis.”


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