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Trump Campaign: Not Believable Biden Didn’t Know of Hunter Investigation

President Donald Trump’s campaign on Thursday questioned whether former Vice President Joe Biden was aware of the reported FBI investigation of his son Hunter Biden.

“It is not at all believable that Joe Biden was completely unaware that his son was under FBI investigation since last year,” White House communications director for the Trump campaign Tim Murtaugh said in an evening call with reporters.

Officials at the Trump campaign expressed their surprise that reporters continued to ignore the evidence of Hunter Biden’s international corruption, especially after a report on Thursday cited a Justice Department source confirming that Hunter Biden and his associates were under investigation for money laundering.

The report was published by Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen, the same reporter that President Barack Obama’s Justice Department spied on in 2010.

Rosen reported that the investigation was still “open and active” and that Hunter Biden’s former partner Tony Bobulinksi was a material witness in the case.

Murtaugh said it was no longer believable that the former vice president never discussed Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

It was up to the media, Murtaugh said, to press Joe Biden on questions about the reported investigation.

“There is no legitimate reason to fail to cover this story,” Murtaugh said to reporters.

Breitbart News asked the campaign about details of their conversations with corporate media reporters about the story that continues to get ignored.

“When we have had conversations with mainstream reporters, we have been told that they are not covering the story because none of it is verified and that they just feel that it is not something to report,” Murtaugh said.

He said that even Biden’s refusal to answer questions about any of the details or allegations surrounding the story made it worth reporting.

“Joe Biden and the Biden campaign have not denied any point of fact in this story,” he said.

Details surrounding Hunter Biden’s involvement with pursuing lucrative overseas deals continue to emerge from the recovered laptop belonging to Hunter and from his former business partners Tony Bobulinksi and Bevan Cooney, who provided insider documents to Peter Schweizer.

“When the information comes out, the media continues to turn a blind eye and refuses to ask even the questions on the matter,” Murtaugh said.

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