Top 20 Conservative News Sites to Read in 2020

The hunt for solid conservative news sites that offer more than just spin and cheerleading is often difficult, fraught with hours of web trawling and disappointment. Welcome to Liberty Nation’s Top 20 Conservative News Sites to Read in 2020. Last year, LN ran a wildly successful poll to figure out which sites conservative folks are actually reading. Over the last 12 months, our poll has reached the giddy heights of being the number one Google search result for Top Conservative News.

For 2020, we decided to do even better.

This is not simply a pick of sites that we at LN favor; it’s so much more. Similar to last year, our methodology includes a combination of input from select Liberty Nation authors* coupled with extensive polling of conservative readers that has been running in the countdown to 2020. To keep our poll as representative of the conservative community as possible, we have used an algorithm that factors in last year’s poll results. Thus we believe this Top 20 represents the most accurate reflection of the top conservative news sites available on the internet.

Unlike many lists out in the Wild West of the web, Liberty Nation’s is not based purely on how many hits the site receives. We like to say “clickbait factories” need not apply. Instead, our Top 20 represents sites with a combination of talent, style, readability, analysis, and even thought provocation. Conservative readers are an intelligent group, where spin is not necessary.

As a bonus, we’ve included a list of the very best Conservative News Aggregator sites for those who like to get all their news from one source.

Without further ado, we proudly present our countdown of Liberty Nation’s Top 20 Conservative News Sites to Read in 2020!


# 20 Newsbusters –

Exposing and combating liberal media bias. Need we say more?

# 19  The Daily Wire –

It is still not the easiest site to navigate, a fact noted in our 2019 rankings, but the Wire offers solid commentary and the occasional analysis piece that sheds light on unexplored areas. An excellent place to get the initial take on breaking news.

# 18  The Washington Times –

A tried and true lifeline for the few conservatives living in and around DC, WT has rightly been recognized as a stalwart of contrarian opinion and solid journalism. Its slogan says it all: Reliable reporting, the right opinion.

# 17  Democracy Now –

Easily the most surprising, many would say shocking, entry on the list, DN is a left-of-center site. But it has been praised for its wildly popular podcast featuring long-form interviews with leading figures, and as an honest and intelligent island of genuine journalism in a sea of anti-Trump media.

# 16  The New American –

For those who particularly enjoy in-your-face condemnation of the left, this fresh and popular site covers the waterfront in exposing the deep crevices of leftist political thought and culture rot.

# 15  The Spectator –

A longtime leader in conservative thought, The Spectator offers up content that is at once strikingly original, thought-provoking, plain-spoken, and often satirical. Its new design is particularly user-friendly.

# 14 –

Though not, strictly speaking, a conservative outlet, RT has been hailed as a site where you can find stories that other sites haven’t covered on both domestic and international fronts. Given its location, it has predictably been assailed by the left as Russian propaganda, but our poll reveals that readers find RT generally upholds solid journalistic standards.

# 13  Reason –

This libertarian site tied to the Reason Foundation covers politics and culture – and a good deal of comedy in their videos – through an ideologically consistent lens of individual liberty and the free market.

# 12   Washington Examiner

This reliably conservative site offers solid opinion and analysis of the issues plus the added benefit of ‘inside the beltway’ perspectives that are actually reliable.

# 11  RealClearPolitics

A unique and repeat entry on the list, RCP is a truly bipartisan site offering the best-written and most thought-provoking articles from both the right and left in virtually equal measure. RCP’s reputation was built largely through their exhaustive election and polling information, including the much-cited RCP rolling average of polls.

# 10  PJ Media –

For those who like to laugh as well as cry about politics, PJM is a casual, entertaining, and thought-provoking site that covers not only politics and culture but also delves into subjects such as faith and parenting.

# 9  Media Research Center –

After 30 years of filling a crucial and previously unfilled role – documenting left-wing media bias – MRC has rightly become a giant in conservative circles. Their website offers skillful reporting and analysis of how the media characterizes and responds to the big stories of the day.

# 8  The Gateway Pundit –

The newest entry on the list, GP is a brash, some would say bombastic, addition. It has earned a reputation for offering fresh angles on old news and unveiling stories hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.

# 7  Townhall –

A longtime favorite of conservatives, Townhall offers a wide variety of content from notable free-market figures and is thought to be a must for conservative news junkies seeking reliable coverage of the big issues.

# 6  The Daily Caller –

DC offers substantial opinion-based content but is known primarily for its superb investigative work conducted by their Daily Caller Foundation. DCF appears to be willing to take a deep dive where others fear to tread and have thus penetrated the so-called establishment media.

# 5  Judicial Watch –

Best known for its aggressive pursuit of official wrongdoers, this is perhaps the best example of a site that does not necessarily attract the most viewers but offers exceptional content that our writers and readers value and therefore rate highly because of its unparalleled investigative work on government corruption.

# 4  Liberty Nation –

Just short of its third anniversary, LN moves up one notch from 2019. It presents as a fully audio-visual site, expanding its offerings beyond articles to an extensive array of videos, podcasts, and a nationally syndicated radio show. Readers praise LN for its fresh and bold conservative, libertarian, and populist content. Liberty Nation offers original content not found elsewhere using an entertaining and informative writing style.

# 3  The Federalist –

A repeat finisher in our top 5, this site is designed for the reader who places logic over emotion, with some of the most intelligent and enlightening writing in the conservative realm. It dissects left-leaning news stories in an old-school style and stokes debate with its point/counterpoint arguments on religion, culture, and politics.

# 2  American Thinker –

Finishing near the top again, AT is a consistent winner in the collective view of LN writers and readers. It is a triumph of substance over style, going well below the surface and hype to examine the heart of American politics and the players in the game, with no-holds-barred deep dives into interactive topics of national security, diplomacy, economic policy and more.

# 1  Breitbart –

The new Trump-era giant in conservative/populist thought, Breitbart is the go-to site for voluminous coverage of all things political and cultural. Despite its puzzling layout, and blindly labeled as extreme by the left, it has built a well-earned reputation for its brash style and out-of-the-box conservative and libertarian thought.



Since the leftward tilt of the once famed Drudge Report, conservatives have been on the lookout for a top-notch news aggregator that sorts the wheat from the chaff. In 2020, you have a range of options. We present Liberty Nation’s Top Three Best Conservative News Aggregators:

# 3  Conservative News Direct –

Easy to use and displaying only stories from top-rated websites, this aggregator is for those who only want the cream of the crop in terms of their news diet. Regularly updated, it’s a fantastic site for keeping up on the latest news.

# 2  Citizen Free Press –

CFP is a simple aggregator that lists all the latest news. No whistles or bells, but very functional and user-friendly.


Going from strength to strength, WF is up-to-date, reliable and fast becoming the go-to alternative for those who feel Drudge doesn’t offer what it once did. With top stories, video aggregation, and a whole host of extras, WF meets pretty much all your needs.

Honorable Mention – Rantingly –

Rantingly is a relative newcomer. The site provides a good layout, is easy to navigate, and hosts some quality content. Definitely one to watch in the future.

* authors participating in this survey: Tim Donner, Mark Angelides, Scott D. Cosenza, and Jeff Charles.

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