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The TwitterZone: Golf Carts, Senior Citizens, And Sarcasm

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The TwitterZone: Golf Carts, Senior Citizens, And Sarcasm

Twitter ignited in a firestorm on Sunday morning when President Donald Trump tweeted a video in which one of his supporters made a supposedly racist remark. The scene was a devastatingly hilarious display of 2020-style political debate. But what was most interesting about this situation was how the corporate media and progressive Twitter attempted to use the footage to gin up more outrage.

“White Power” Video Hits Twitter

The video that President Trump tweeted had been circulating since the day before. It showcased a verbal confrontation between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters at The Villages, which is a senior living community in Florida. The incident could easily be seen as the geriatric version of social justice warriors exchanging slurs and epithets with conservative rallygoers.

The backdrop of this play was an event held by the Trump-supporting group, whose members were parading through the area in golf carts. But these were not regular golf carts because that wouldn’t do 2020 justice. These vehicles were outfitted with American flags and emblazoned with pro-Trump signs. If one were feeling cheeky, one might refer to them as “Trumpmobiles.”

As the rallygoers drove their Trumpmobiles through the streets, left-leaning protesters heckled, calling them Nazis and other slurs. As the Trump supporters returned verbal fire, one of them responded to accusations of being a Nazi by shouting “white power!”

The Backlash

The video was already being discussed and laughed at on Twitter, but it was only when Trump tweeted it that progressives lost their collective minds. When you watch the footage, it is abundantly clear that the man who said “white power” was being sarcastic. It was his way of mocking the people calling him a Nazi.

This did not stop the left.

High-profile progressives put on a performance worthy of an Oscar, pretending that they were shocked and chagrined that the president would dare to tweet this dreadful video. Vox journalist Aaron Rupar wrote: “Trump tweeted out a short video where ‘white power!’ is said repeatedly and the White House’s defense is that the president doesn’t watch the clips he shares with his 83 million followers.”

Ana Navarro, a leftist journalist who pretends to be a conservative, chimed in:

“Trump echoed support for white-power. Trump ES UN RACISTA.

We all have a right to vote our conscience. If you’re Black/Latino & vote for Trump, you’re voting for a racist who puts you down. If you’re white and vote for Trump, you’re voting for a racist.

What does that make u?“

CNN’s Marshall Cohen also gave his two cents. “President Trump just re-tweeted a video of some of his supporters shouting, ‘white power!’ It doesn’t get more explicit than this, folks,” he tweeted.

What’s The Deal?

As much as progressives want to make this “controversy” into a national issue, it seems that their plan will fail. Trump deleted the tweet shortly after posting it. The White House issued a statement explaining that he hadn’t heard the “white power” comment when he watched the video.

Put simply, the president made a mistake on social media, but he rectified it immediately, and his team followed up with an explanation. Moreover, the man in the video was almost certainly giving a sarcastic response to people who were pretending he was a Nazi because of his conservative beliefs.

In the end, this is nothing more than another piece of outrage porn designed to smear the president and his followers. Chances are that the story will die in less than a few days.


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