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The TwitterZone: Crocodile Twitter Tears for Terrorists

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The TwitterZone: Crocodile Twitter Tears for Terrorists

It’s happening again. The mainstream media establishment and social media are playing defense for yet another Iranian architect of disorder and calamity. On Nov. 27, Iranian state media announced that its top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, had been assassinated by an unknown group of assailants just east of Tehran. Almost immediately, radical leftists on Twitter began pointing fingers at President Donald Trump as if he had executed an innocent civilian with his own hands.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Fakhrizadeh has been described as Iran’s version of Robert Oppenheimer, a top American scientist involved in developing the atomic bomb. Iran’s attempts at nuclear proliferation have been well-documented over the decades, and various countermeasures have been enacted to prevent the theocracy from expanding its program. The threat of a country that sponsors terrorism throughout the Middle East having a nuclear arsenal cannot be overstated. Anyone supporting nuclear non-proliferation in the troubled area would likely react warmly to the news of Iran’s top nuclear scientist being taken out, especially considering his ties to the terroristic Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Instead, the radical leftists on Twitter, like earlier this year with Qasem Soleimani, have found a new martyr to mourn.

History Repeats Itself

On Jan. 3, when an American airstrike killed Soleimani, a major general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, social media went into a frenzy over Trump taking out a leader of state-sponsored terrorism. Just three months earlier, the mainstream media had excoriated Trump for the “crime” of removing a terrorist thug in the name of national security, describing Iraqi terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.” This time around, flocks of leftists stormed Twitter to support disgraced CIA Director John Brennan’s tweet accusing the Trump administration of warmongering.

To be clear, as of now, no evidence has been presented that suggests the alleged assassination took place with approval or backing from the United States. The rapid condemnations immediately levied at the Trump administration are all-too-familiar manifestations of Trump derangement syndrome originating from Twitter. Faces of leftist populism on Twitter — such as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski, and New York Times op-ed contributors — claimed robotically that the killing of Fakhrizadeh was sanctioned and supported by a Trump administration hellbent on sabotaging foreign policy for the potential Biden administration.

Leftists on Twitter continue to contradict themselves in comments on a potential Iranian response. Some have argued that reports of Iran violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, mean nothing in the face of the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement in 2018. They point to Trump’s unapologetic criticism of the theocratic terrorist-supporting state as a form of aggression, despite “speaking truth to power” being an essential value of the progressive movement in recent years.

The woke left-dominating Twitter has twisted the narrative about Iran, summing up the state as a heroic enemy of American, Israeli, and Saudi Arabian imperialism. The radical left still cannot find the capacity to properly criticize a government responsible for helping spark a civil war leading to mass starvation in Yemen and that remains focused on eliminating Israel for the heinous crime of being a homeland for Jews in the Middle East. It is one thing to resent American interventionism and our government’s failure to refrain from injecting itself into foreign affairs that have nothing to do with our national security. Still, the constant defense of terrorists, nuclear proliferators, and religious zealots circulating in the media and the echo chamber of Twitter is getting old and, frankly, absurd.


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