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The TwitterZone: Biden Campaign Still Can’t Find Its Voice

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The TwitterZone: Biden Campaign Still Can’t Find Its Voice

Each week Liberty Nation straps on its Personal Protective Equipment and dives into the TwitterZone to bring you the biggest news, the most outlandish arguments, and the real Zeitgeist of what is taking place in the internet’s wildest frontier.

Bickering and debate are not uncommon in media network interviews, especially in politics. So why is it that Joe Biden’s campaign team continues to flip flop on major issues and run from every challenge? A Fox News interview hosted by Bret Baier and featuring Joe Biden’s press secretary has been trending on Twitter. The results were disastrous for the Democrat candidate, who might do well to think about barring his staff member from future interviews with media outlets willing to ask more than soft-ball questions.

TJ Ducklo appeared on Baier’s show Sept. 10 for an interview on the status of the Biden campaign. Bret Baier has been known not to go easy even when interviewing conservatives, and it was clear that Ducklo was not ready for his humiliation to trend on Twitter. From the start, Baier questioned Ducklo on what specifically Biden would have done to combat the Coronavirus response in January.

Ducklo immediately went with the rehearsed soundbite campaign officials have regurgitated endlessly – that Trump is terrible, that the caseload and death count from COVID-19 is bad, and that Bob Woodward’s new book will surely end Trump’s legacy for good. Conveniently, the only and most important part missing from Ducklo’s spiel was about what Biden would have done differently in Trump’s shoes.

After this deflection, Baier reminded Ducklo that Biden and his staff criticized Trump’s travel ban as a racist, xenophobic move, and asked him to clarify Biden’s stance on the travel ban. Ducklo’s incoherent short-circuiting eventually resulted in him swearing to send Baier “fact-checks” on Biden’s beliefs. Once again, Ducklo found himself incapable of answering the question presented to him. The final nail in the coffin for the interview came when Baier had the gall (sarcasm intended) to verify reports about Biden using teleprompters in interviews and Q&A sessions from the campaign.

Do You Even Campaign, Bro?

The press secretary’s outburst at this question was comical and set Twitter ablaze with jokes about whether Ducklo was even on Team Biden. Immediately accusing Baier of being a Trump mouthpiece, Ducklo refused to confirm or deny the teleprompter allegations. Most poignantly, Baier gave up on trying to secure an answer, while viewers already knew the truth.

TJ Ducklo

The farcical interview performance sent waves of laughter throughout Twitter, with many leftists even outlandishly claiming that Ducklo could not have been from the Biden campaign with such weak responses. However, on a more serious note, this interview is yet another example of the liberal disconnect from media outlets not subservient to their cause. When unfriendly or even unbiased sources start asking the questions that threaten to expose Biden’s lack of mental fortitude or energy, the standard response is to call the questioner a mouthpiece for the Trump campaign or conservatism more broadly.

If 2016 was any indication of the consequences of this disconnect, Democrats are in for a rude awakening if they continue merely to frame hard-hitting questions as “Republican talking points,” a phrase all too common throughout the Democratic presidential primaries.

During his interview, Baier even mentioned that his questions would assuredly come up during the presidential debates, which Ducklo rejected and ignored. In the same way that Hillary Clinton was caught off guard by Chris Wallace’s unbiased questions on immigration and economic growth during the final presidential debate in 2016, Biden is going to be woefully unprepared for any similar treatment on September 29 – the date of the first Biden-Trump debate.


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