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Sidney Powell and the Moment of Truth

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Sidney Powell and the Moment of Truth

The Legacy Media on both sides of the aisle finds itself in a sea of turmoil. The world has become politically black and white, and journalistic seafarers appear willing to (let their reputations) die on their chosen big wave. But there is a single bright element of gray in this picture that has the potential to upset any smooth sailing: Sidney Powell.

Powell has been on a reputational rollercoaster ride since election night, one moment being hailed as a freedom fighter, the next being ridiculed by media of all stripes. Yet one thing remains constant – her conviction that she has the goods.

A Media Attack

CNN recently ran a hit piece accusing her of being a high priestess for the QAnon conspiracy group, writing of her recent press conference alongside Rudy Giuliani that she:

“… claimed, with no evidence, a mass Democratic Party conspiracy to cheat in the election coupled with foreign interference by the ghost of Hugo Chavez, and mentions of China and George Soros thrown in for good measure.”

And put so succinctly, it appears a convincing metaphorical evisceration. However, whether Powell is ultimately vindicated in court or not, her accusations do have some substance that should not be so easily dismissed.

The ties between Chavez, Venezuela, and the Smartmatic voting systems are extremely well-documented, not least of which by The New York Times, who reported in 2006 that:

“a Venezuelan government financing agency invested more than $200,000 into a smaller technology company, owned by some of the same people as Smartmatic, that joined with Smartmatic as a minor partner in the bid.

In return, the government agency was given a 28 percent stake in the smaller company and a seat on its board, which was occupied by a senior government official who had previously advised Mr. Chávez on elections technology.”

Electronic Voting Questions

And as to whether the electronic voting systems could be cheated, it is worth listening to the words of  Smartmatic Director Antonio Mugica, who gave a press conference in 2017 admitting that an estimated one million phantom votes were created through fraud.

He stressed that the only way made possible was because “there were no auditors from the opposition parties” watching what was happening. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Powell might base her accusations on the multiple reports of Republican poll watchers being excluded from the counts.

Reputational Damage

Sidney Powell has worked in the Department of Justice for ten years under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties, in three federal districts. Until this most recent foray, she was highly-respected. With her accusations and statements on the election 2020 case, she has put her entire career and legacy on the line with only one hope of salvaging her reputation: to be proved right in a court of law.

She is center-stage in the battle for the White House, and regardless of what either her supporters or detractors might say, she has earned the right to be heard and to set out her case.


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