Reporter Busts Soldiers in Germany Holding Trump Hats, Trump Flag While Waiting to Meet President

The media are doing their nastiest to rain on the surprise visit by President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania to U.S. troops stationed in Iraq on Wednesday and now they are doing the same to his stopover at Ramstein Air base in Germany on his return home.

CNN and a former Obama official attacked Trump for signing red Make America Great Again hats and a Trump 2020 patch that several troops had brought with them to the meeting with Trump at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq.

Later Wednesday night Trump touched down in Germany for a two-hour visit and was set to greet troops, some of whom were photographed holding red Make America Great Again hats while they waited. One was seen holding a blue Trump flag.

The photos were posted by Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Epstein who reported the soldier (apparently an officer) dropped the Trump flag when she saw she was being photographed.

A photo of some of the traveling press pool, including Epstein,  shows troops in the background with red MAGA hats.

Liberals in Epstein’s Twitter feed are working on doxxing the flag holding soldier.

Washington Free Beacon Executive Editor Sonny Bunch gets it, “So we’ve moved from the “Trump hates the troops because he didn’t visit them on Christmas” part of the news cycle to “let’s ruin that one service-member’s career because she was holding a Trump flag,” do I have this right?”

An astute observer, no Trump fan, says the officer probably just wanted her Trump flag autographed.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted photos of President Trump and First Lady Melania greeting the troops at Ramstein.