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Rachael Maddow and the Hubris of the Left

Rachael Maddow and the Hubris of the Left

Rachel Maddow

Dear Rachel Maddow: As a wealthy, neo-liberal elite media personality, would you do America a solid and stay in your lane? This country has no need for the hybrid brand of mystical religiousness you spew.  Signed, the right.

Yes, the emoting darling of primetime cable news is wowing listeners now with declarations of her religiousness and moral fortitude on her MSNBC cable buddy Chris Haye’s podcast, Why is This Happening?

In the midst of yammering about Maddow’s podcast about the rise and fall of former Vice President Spiro Agnew, somehow, in some way, the discussion veered into President Trump’s lane, religion, and the moral compass of the legacy media.  Imagine that. 

…Maddow dropped a load of ridiculousness…

Hayes is a fan of Maddow, and gushed from introductions to end of the cast, recalling quaint memories of meetings and events betwixt the two, and giggling about dressing alike in studio — essentially handing his own spotlight to the woman with which he is enamored.   It’s not hard to see that Maddow wore the podcast pants – if you have the stomach to read the drivel.

Fair warning: the valley girl style of conversation in the transcript is difficult to digest.

Evangelists Must Suck

Maddow, her moral superiority clearly on display for her sycophantic office-wife, was in the throes of a fit about the Justice Department’s newest spokesperson, Kerri Kupec, a graduate of Liberty University School of Law:

“We’ve got a new Justice Department spokesperson who’s from Liberty University, and Liberty University was founded by a televangelist so that your Christian child wouldn’t be corrupted by actual higher education. And now that’s the spokesperson for the Justice Department.”

Perhaps Maddow should do a bit of research into Kupec’s impressive background prior to claiming “actual higher education” was missing from attending Liberty.  She previously worked for Alliance Defending Freedom, the largest religious liberty advocacy group in the world, and was involved in several Supreme Court cases.  Had this been a left-wing woman of color to land on the steps of Justice, under a Democrat-run administration, her name would be idolized and a household familiar.

And in what world is Liberty University not recognized as a credited secular institution just because their founder is evangelist Jerry Falwell.  To say the preacher was offended is an understatement.  Appearing on Todd Starnes radio program, he bit back:

“When she makes stupid comments like ‘Liberty is not a real university because it was founded by a televangelist,’ she needs to study her history. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, most of the Ivy League schools were founded by preachers and evangelists, and that’s a long tradition in this country, and she just shows her ignorance and religious bigotry by making comments like that.”

Truer words were never spoken:  Liberty University is a fully accredited institution featuring the minds of scholars.  Since 1980, Falwell’s school has been accredited, qualifying it as “actual higher education.” It has a medical school, law school, and school of engineering, with professors hailing from every major university system across the country.

But why let the facts get in the way of a chatty conservative bashing moment between work spouses?

Mystical Religion!

Emboldened by the seemingly emasculated (in her presence) Hayes, Maddow felt a compulsory need to explain her cosmic vibes – which is her method of belief in God — to the absolute confusion of listeners.

Weirdly out of context when discussing Agnew, Maddow dropped a load of ridiculousness, stating:

“I mean, I am a religious person. I am a person who has a belief in God and has religious faith, and thinks about things in terms of how we all answer to God at the end of our lives … I mean, I’m telling you my prejudice on these things is like, yeah, corruption and racist demagoguery must go together because those things come from the same dark part of the earth. But, I mean, it may just as easily be coincidence.”

Eloquence, sheer eloquence.

Hayes, who it appears has the keen observation skills of a cave-dweller, followed along, exclaiming with in-depth understanding, “right, yeah, yeah.”

And just when you think the discussion could not be more narcissistic between the two, he labored to hold emotions in check:

“I just got goosebumps, because I feel like I just saw… I’ve known you for a very long time, and I feel very close to you. I’m getting weirdly choked up, but I just feel like I just saw this very clear moment of your moral cosmology. You are, the thing you said about being a person of faith, just the sense that there’s a right thing to do and a wrong thing to do, and you’re going to have to answer at the end of the day, and that that’s actually a thing that’s distinct.”

So it seems some mystical god must be whispering in Maddow’s ear.

Rachel Maddow

Revisionist God

Maddow is a master storyteller and can squeeze out a tear when the facts refuse to add credence to her tales, garnering the vapid attention of her viewers.  The alt-left fawn upon her every word, and after her joint pod-cast with Hayes, they may believe in her mystical being pulling cosmic strings for her cause – the downfall of a duly elected and conservative president.

For those who may want to dig into the wormhole of recent history, pick up a book and forgo the opinions of this “religious” woman who clearly despises evangelical Christians and their higher institutions of learning.

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