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By Duncan Smith

The U.S. Supreme Court had a great day on Monday.

That is, if you count dismantling what remains of our constitutional republic as ‘good.’

And a majority of justices obviously do.

A locally elected punk Democratic ‘prosecutor’ in New York City, Cyrus Vance Jr., has been trying to get former President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

He doesn’t really need them for a case; he just wants them because he’s a Democrat and Democrats were never successful in getting Trump to release them while he was president.

He doesn’t have to, mind you; there is no legal or constitutional requirement for presidents to disclose their tax returns.

But now, apparently, there is — at least if you’re a Democrat looking to expose a Republican president.

And no — a new constitutional amendment wasn’t ratified requiring presidential tax disclosures that you didn’t hear about.

Well, our former president, always a fighter, wasn’t going to let that atrocious decision drop without saying something:

This investigation is a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country, whether it was the never ending $32 million Mueller hoax, which already investigated everything that could possible be investigation, “Russia Russia Russia,” where there was a finding of “No Collusion,” or two ridiculous “Crazy Nancy” inspired impeachment attempts where I was found NOT GUILTY. It just never ends!

Americans who think this kind of abuse by elected officials of a fellow citizen is okay is the primary reason why we, as a people, are hopelessly divided and should start thinking about how we’re going our own way.

There is no unifying with people who think government officials should emulate gangsters and mobsters as long as it’s against a political opponent.

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