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No Demented Debater or Clueless Celeb Can Hustle Heartlanders

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No Demented Debater or Clueless Celeb Can Hustle Heartlanders

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

A heavy sigh was heard across the nation. There was, finally, bipartisan response from the American electorate after the final presidential debate concluded with a flashbang followed by a whimper on Thursday night. As heartlanders have nearly become immune to such unhinged political theatrics, the consistent attempts for celebrities, news media types, and random attacks against the president’s allies have mostly just irritated the Silent Majority into voting early – and schooling culprits.

Mel Brooks

The hysterical liberals’ list irritating middle America includes Mel Brooks, Cher, former president Barack Obama, and every big box network. The stink of their desperation sweat permeated social media.

Celebs – Self Appointed Important People

Another celebrity most thought had died, Mel Brooks, is Johnny-come-lately endorsing the nation’s favorite victim of dementia – er – stuttering. The 94-year-old comedian used COVID-19 as a reason to embrace giving the nuclear football codes to a man in serious cognitive decline. Brooks’ resurrection and endorsement will not move the needle in middle America. Nevertheless, heartlanders were happy he was still alive, bless his heart.

Utah resident Mike McGee’s summation of the impact Mr. Brooks might have on election 2020 covered all bases for flyover folks: “He’s always been a bit deranged. That’s why his movies were so humorous. Hollywood just doesn’t seem to get that a bit of success in the pretending arena doesn’t make them particularly brilliant at anything else!”

And perhaps the last Democrat holdout in Texas came clean over COVID-19 as Cristina Silica Polocoser added, “I’m turncoat, first time in my life. I have to vote red. And they are many of us out there.”

While Brooks surprised his long-lost audiences by still breathing, Cher went all in and is hitting the campaign trail for the Biden/Harris ticket.  Scheduled to visit Las Vegas October 24 and Phoenix October 25, the rib-missing nipped and tucked entertainment icon will stump for her political choice.  Like, speak and not sing in gypsy, tramps, and thieves get-ups. No one seems to care. David Rosales, a retired military man in Arizona, was visibly dismayed at the news: “Shux!!!!! Too bad I already sent in my absentee ballot, or I would change my vote because her, the Rock, Deniro, or ANY other ‘celebrities’ opinions really matter to me.” Believe it or not, Rosales had the least rude response to the news.

And our illustrious former president stuck his nose in at the 11th hour to bring back the happy days of his 8-year love fest for foreign enemies of state. Mr. Obama claimed the credit for Trump’s robust economy and accused the current president of destroying the nation. That went over like the proverbial turd in a punchbowl.

In Alabama, Jeff Gault has a better memory than our former president: “No matter how many times you tell the same lie, it never becomes the truth. Trump has done what Obama said was impossible.” An apparent reference to Obama defending his economy, claiming only a magician could bring back manufacturing and other jobs. Everyone was pretty damn sure where President Trump put the “magic wand” that Mr. Obama claimed was needed.


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