New Year’s Resolutions for Your Political Sanity

As diarist and theatre critic James Agate once wrote, “New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.” Wise words, indeed. We embark upon another year, often with a list of goals to spur us on through the cold months and into spring, but are these resolutions truly beneficial? Would we perhaps be better off making a list of No-Go Zones to soothe our political temperament rather than a column of desires and wants?

In the spirit of maintaining your political sanity during the months before the all-important 2020 election, Liberty Nation offers a handy Political Resolution Danger Zone list. We hope it will provide a few laughs, a selection of pointers to keep you on an even keel, and, most importantly, assist you in holding on to those threads of clear thinking that are too often snipped away by the idiocy and lunacy of the political left.

Number 5: The TV Can’t Hear You

Yes, it certainly can be comforting to scream at the television set when supposed journalists present outlandish assessments or purely partisan talking points, but it won’t help. If the Sunday morning shows set your heart racing and your blood pressure rising, give them a miss. They want your outrage; they need it to survive.

If you really want to watch, go into it knowing that your worst expectations will be confirmed. Perhaps set up a Twitter thread among friends to guess who will say the most outlandish thing.

Number 4: Dismiss and Move On

The war for the White House in 2020 is being fought on multiple fronts. The left began with Russian collusion, swiftly followed by a Stormy Daniels in a teacup, then a play for the 25th Amendment, and now we seem to have settled on two questionable articles of impeachment. But this is not the final battlefield.

This multi-pronged attack fights on many fronts; don’t get caught up in one small skirmish. Once the arguments have been made, make up your mind and move on.  It is all too easy to get caught up in one issue when, in fact, the left wants to drain your energy with a death by a thousand cuts. Take on board what you need and be done with it.

Number 3: Facts Just Aren’t Enough

We all have family and friends who just won’t listen to the facts. Remember: It’s not your job to convince the world what’s right and what’s wrong. Instead of getting into arguments, present your case clearly and without too much passion. If they don’t accept the facts when presented rationally, they’re not going to accept them when delivered in an excitable manner.

Some people won’t accept anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow political and moral focus. Don’t waste your energy on those who will not learn.

Number 2: Polls Aren’t Facts

Get ready for the grandest effort to persuade ever undertaken by pollsters. We saw it in 2016, when just about every poll had Hillary Clinton with a 90%-plus chance of winning the White House, and we’ll see it again as the election draws near.

A fun alternative to reading biased polls is to check out what the people with real skin in the game think: the gamblers. Those who put their money on the line have always produced more reliable indicators than the polls. Check out Liberty Nation’s weekly Political Horse Race column for the latest betting odds analysis.

Number 1: Expect the Absolute Worst

You know they’re going to spin the worst possible version of events no matter what the reality, so don’t be surprised when the media and politicians do just that. Allow yourself a brief nod of confirmation that the political left has somehow managed to spin a molehill into a mountain using nothing but their righteous indignation and free airtime, and prepare calmly for the next barrage.

It is our constantly renewing expectation that people will, at some point, be honest that continually floors us. If we expect the absolute worst, we can rest easy knowing that in time they will certainly deliver.

There may be far more noble goals and resolutions for the new year, but we hope these few will keep you entertained and relaxed enough to enjoy the media circus we know is coming down the line in 2020. Wishing you a happy, prosperous, and sane New Year!


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