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Lectures from Hell XX: Free Will is a Myth

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Lectures from Hell XX: Free Will is a Myth

Editor’s Note: Recently, Liberty Nation received extraordinary documents from DiaboLeaks containing lectures straight out of hell. They provide unique insight into the inner workings and machinations of devils in infiltrating and corrupting the minds of humans. Each week, we will post a different Lecture from Hell. The demonic influence revealed is shocking. This short parody was inspired by the wonderful work of C.S. Lewis in his entertaining and enlightening epistolary novel, The Screwtape Letters, written in 1942.

My dear gentledevils,

I cannot repeat enough the number one rule of demonic ventriloquism: don’t get caught. We rely on our patients to have a low level of awareness. Fortunately, we have tools to dull the human mind. One of our most potent weapons is to make them deny free will.

The laws of nature are stacked against us, and only on rare occasions can we get a human to embrace the revolutionary message of Our Father Below openly. They are, after all, children of the Enemy. Only the most hateful and envious among them could face our ideas without turning away in disgust.

We must stay under the radar, remain invisible to them, and influence only from the shadows. Fortunately, the spiritual realm is opaque to them. They cannot see us directly, only infer us from patterns of behavior. That opacity much helps us hide in the unconscious corners of their minds.

We can enhance our invisibility in two seemingly opposite ways. The first one is to deny free will. Yes, I know, I know. It’s crazy, and you’re thinking, “who in their right mind would buy into such nonsense?” Intellectuals. That’s who. The smarter they are, the more insane ideas they can bring themselves to believe, including the silly notion that the very agency they are using to think somehow is an illusion.

Denial of free will uses the same trick as the “born good” myth of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. If you genuinely believe you are born without a strong capacity for evil, you are less likely to look for dark unconscious influences in your mind.

Similarly, if you believe that free will does not exist, you are easier to manipulate by unconscious forces. If you don’t have a choice, what’s the point of critically examining unconscious biases and influences?

In both cases, the patient willingly and arrogantly creates a safe space for demons to work. The trick is the same in both cases: dimming the critical light of consciousness.

The Parody

If your patient believes so firmly in free will that you cannot make him budge, going in the opposite direction may help you. Enhance his belief in free will to the point of parody. Make him believe he is fully transparent to himself and that he is under no other influence than his unadulterated self.

The effect is much the same. The patient’s hubris lowers his guard. He will not bother to check his premises to see if forces beyond his direct control influence him.

I have a fondness for this particular trick because it has the additional effect of serving as a source of ridicule for intellectuals. They will point to your patient and say, “behold! This is a prime case of the superstition of free will! Let’s laugh together in unison!”

We demons are eclectic and opportunistic. We do not care what our patients believe. The only thing that matters to us is that they become malleable and manipulable for our cause. Let that be your lesson for the day!

Until next time,

Professor Thornside

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