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Kid Rock Rages at ‘F**king F**gots’ Recording Him at Tennessee Bar

Musician Kid Rock raised eyebrows over the weekend with a profane rant at people using cell phones to record him at a bar in Tennessee.

According to a report at TMZ, Rock was on stage at the FishLipz Bar & Grill Saturday in Smithville, Tennessee — an hour east of Nashville — and was unhappy when audience members broke out their phones to record him.

Rock began giving the crowd the finger and at one point yelled, “Fuck your iPhone, yeah!” He proceeded to call the crowd “fucking faggots with your iPhones out” and pointed to his crotch, taunting, “You can post this dick right now.”

The singer’s rage reportedly occurred after bar bouncers were seen walking among the crowd asking people not to record him on stage. But apparently, the bouncers weren’t getting the job done to Kid Rock’s satisfaction.

The artist has angered some in Tennessee before. During the height of the coronavirus scare back in March of 2020, he kept his bar open despite the orders of Nashville’s Democrat mayor to shut businesses down. Rock even got crosswise with Steve Smith, his business partner in the bar, when Smith later assured the city that the bar would be closing despite Rock’s proclamations.

Kid Rock also earned landed in hot water last November when he went on a profane attack against TV host Joy Behar and Oprah Winfrey. At one point he told the crowd, “I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy who says, hey, I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar. They can suck dicks sideways.”

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