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Israel’s Wall Works – Why Can’t Ours?

Israel’s Wall Works - Why Can't Ours?

As the battle over funding for the wall continues in the federal government, progressives argue that it would be expensive and ineffective. However, officials responsible for ensuring border security disagree.

Border Patrol Touts Barrier

At a recent press conference, President Donald Trump invited members of Border Patrol to address reporters and discuss the efficacy of a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. Their statements poked massive holes in the Democrats’ arguments.

During the meeting, the president talked about the encouragement he has received from the American people. “I’ve never had this much support,” he said. “And we’ve done some things that, as you know, have been very popular.”

He also invited Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), to share his thoughts. Judd pointed to the example of Naco, AZ, where barriers brought about a significant decrease in traffic into the country. He stated that before they were erected, “immigration and drug smuggling was absolutely out of control.”

Judd then explained the necessity of physical barriers in the battle against illegal immigration. “Anywhere that you look where we have built walls, they have worked,” he said. “They have been an absolute necessity for Border Patrol agents in securing the border.”

Hector Garza, another NBPC official, discussed the number of dangerous criminals and gang members entering the country illegally. “We’re talking about murderers, rapists, people that commit very serious crimes in this country.”

Garza also brought up the problem of illegals re-entering the country after being deported. “These criminal aliens that have been released from jail that have been deported will come right back into the United States,” he said. The statistics back up Garza’s claim; 46% of illegals who were deported in 2011 had previously been removed from the country. Gustavo Garcia, an illegal immigrant who recently went on a murderous rampage in Visalia, CA had already been deported twice.

Border Walls Work

Progressive claims that walls do not work have been shown to be false. At Trump’s press conference, the experts publicly debunked their argument, showing how barriers have been effective when used at particular points on the southern border. But these are not the only examples.

…a case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. 

The Harvard International Review reported that Israel’s barriers have drastically decreased the rate of illegal immigrants entering the country. In 2011, about 17,000 African immigrants crossed the Israeli border illegally. In 2013, after Israel finished building the wall, the number dropped to 43.

Many on the left argue that a wall is not a viable solution because illegal aliens could simply use ladders or tunnel under it. Judging by the type the Trump administration has chosen, both of these endeavors would be tremendously difficult. After all, it isn’t too easy to climb over 30 feet and then drop down on the other side, is it? Moreover, tunnels would be easily spotted. Israel has already shown that it is possible to prevent bad actors from digging under.

Of course, a physical barrier would not stop 100% of traffic over the southern border, but it would reduce the flow considerably. Nobody is suggesting that there is a foolproof solution. But the left’s argument in this regard is simply a case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Using this logic, locking one’s doors at night and purchasing home security systems are a waste of time because if someone really wants to break in, they can find a way.

The issue isn’t finding the perfect solution. Instead, it is using tactics that will make entering the country illegally far more challenging than simply going through the proper procedures, and the evidence clearly demonstrates that a physical barrier is a practical solution.

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