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1776 Commission

Gunslingers for Liberty: Trump’s Legacy of Freedom – 11.29.20

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Gunslingers for Liberty: Trump’s Legacy of Freedom – 11.29.20

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Trump Plans to Party Like It’s 1776

Lovers of liberty have long lamented the progressive and anti-American nature of this country’s academia. For decades, students from grade school to grad school have been indoctrinated to hate this nation and the principles upon which it was built. This has been the case for many years – but The New York Times’ 1619 Project certainly escalated that attack on free thinking and the love of liberty. The purpose of this program is to reimagine U.S. history courses across the nation so that the central theme becomes racism rather than the quest for liberty.

To fight this trend, President Trump signed an executive order right before Election Day – much to the ire of the anti-Trump crowd – which instructs the Department of Education to establish the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission. The Commission would be made up of 20 members who serve two-year terms after being appointed by the president. The goal of the Commission is to promote and raise awareness of the “core principles of the American founding and how these principles may be understood to further the enjoyment of ‘the blessings of liberty’ and to promote our striving ‘to form a more perfect Union.’”

The left, of course, has gone completely nuts over it. As Liberty Nation’s Laura Valkovic explained, “As with anything else Trump has done since entering politics, the commission has been a source of political acrimony and accusations of white supremacy.”

What to Watch for

If President Trump remains in the White House another four years, it will be interesting to watch this Commission in action. Could it signal the beginning of a counterattack against those trying to erase the founding principles from our schools? On the other hand, should Biden take over, will this meet its death by executive order?

Michael Flynn – a free man

Michael Flynn Flying Free

Regardless of whether we ever see any benefit from the 1776 Commission, at least one recent executive act will contribute to a legacy of liberty for President Trump. The president pardoned Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general who was railroaded into what Attorney General Bill Barr called a “perjury trap” presumably just for being on Trump’s side during the whole Russiagate debacle. The Democrats and their media minions went ballistic – and the post-election date of Nov. 25 no doubt played a part in their ire. As far as they’re concerned, Biden won and Trump stopped being president immediately after the media called it.

Yes, we understand that might be a bit confusing after four years of #NotMyPresident, but as it turns out, Trump really was president – but he isn’t now, never mind the fact that he actually is until someone else takes office. Like most leftist arguments, it makes sense if you don’t think about it.

All anti-Trump histrionics aside, pardoning Flynn was simply the right thing to do. Trump certainly thought so, and so do many across this nation. As Liberty Nation’s Leesa K. Donner explained:

“For countless Americans, the thin gruel used to prosecute Michael Flynn amounted to nothing less than a national disgrace. A legal saga drawn out for almost four years; Flynn’s sad tale is a case of guilty until proven innocent. The former three-star lieutenant general with a long history of service to the United States was boxed into a legal corner, ultimately agreeing to plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversation with a Russian official before Trump took office. He later withdrew that plea. Eventually, the Justice Department decided to drop the charges against Flynn.”

That certainly won’t assuage the outrage of those who feel the president is getting his Hitler on – Not that calling people “Literally Hitler” or “The Next Hitler” really means anything now that it has become an overused and overexaggerated way of saying “I don’t like that guy.”

What to Watch for

If Biden comes out ahead on the other side of the various election challenges this year, Trump will still have time and authority to carry out quite a few executive actions. Regardless of who wins, pay close attention to the White House in the coming months. Trump seems determined to work on that legacy of liberty, and it isn’t likely he’ll stop so long as has that presidential power.

Washington Whispers & Other Juicy Tidbits

Be on the lookout for:

  • President Trump is still fighting Biden’s apparent win – he calls it fraud, and, of course, the media calls his claims “baseless” no matter what evidence is presented. However, the president has said he will leave office when it’s time to go if the electors vote for Biden and the former vice president becomes, officially, the new president. “Certainly I will. But you know that,” Trump answered when asked the somewhat ridiculous question of whether he would leave if Biden truly wins. But – in true Trump fashion – it seems he’s considering a campaign event for his 2024 presidential bid scheduled for Jan. 20, the day Biden would be inaugurated.

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