Gavin Newsom Acts Stupidly, Gets Sent to the Burn Ward After Trying a Post-Election Dunk on Cocaine Mitch

Gavin Newsom

As I wrote yesterday, a number of liberals with large Twitter followings – including actor and TDS sufferer George Takei – got hit with a brutal history lesson after suggesting Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s (possible) loss to Democrat Andy Beshear was a sign of bad things to come for Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

What they didn’t know nor care to find out was that Kentucky has had quite a few Democratic governors over the last several decades, in spite of the fact that it’s a red state. So one getting elected this time around is not necessarily an indicator that McConnell would be next.

Not only that, but every other statewide election in Kentucky showed Democrats being trounced by the Republican candidate in those races, including Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron, who made Kentucky history Tuesday night.

Apparently California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom wasn’t aware of any of these facts, either, because on Wednesday he took to the Twitter machine in an attempt at dunking on Cocaine Mitch:

Not only did he embarrass himself with his political ignorance, but other Twitter users were quick to point out that there were some big differences between Kentucky and California right about now:

These Twitter users bring up some great points. Say, Governor Newsom, don’t you have some much more pressing matters to attend to?

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