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Flyover Folk Love the New Trump GOP – And Won’t Settle for Less

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Flyover Folk Love the New Trump GOP – And Won’t Settle for Less

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

From Consumer Reports, media outlets, folks on social media who are woefully uneducated in American government, and people claiming to be educators and experts: Who did not stick their nose in the rush to determine America’s next four years? The answer is no one. And now the leftists ask everyone they have insulted, berated, and browbeat over ideology to hold hands, sing “Kumbaya,” and heal. Yeah, that is not likely to happen. Liberals howled at the moon and wore pink hats for four years. Conservatives, libertarians, and freedom-loving folks are simply reloading – with or without their president.

So, what are conservatives doing to pass the time before either a civil war or a concession? Planning, prepping, and purging. No more relying on Fox News. No more allowing censorship on social media platforms. No more RINOs. Sounds like Utahn Mike McGee thinks so, anyway: “Donald J. Trump has full capacity to govern in the traditional fashion, yet he chooses not to, it hasn’t worked in the past and his unorthodox methods have served US well.”

Trump’s Republican Party

When Trump descended on the escalator to announce his candidacy, little did the Republican Party know it was about to be blown to smithereens. A liberty-minded feat the Silent Majority had hoped for: No more holding the nose to vote for whomever the party elitists felt had earned a spot. Nope, Trump was a man of the people – an outsider who could clean up the mess left by Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Dubya and didn’t need any financial favors. New Mexico’s son, Stan Mobley, reminded us, “The biggest factor is, as Trump said, ‘I don’t want to owe anyone for anything.’”

Four years later and with ten million more votes than 2016, the balance of power is forever changed in the party. No longer dominated by slick, well-oiled elites, the Republican Party can now claim to be the go-to for working men and women; the party of labor, manufacturing, women, and people of color. And heartlanders appear to have embraced this newfound status. CNN hack Don Lemon recently said, “Trump will go down as a childish president.” But that 74 million-plus base disagreed.

Illinois native Marc Wurzinger piped up: “Actually, it will be the ‘President who stood up for the American people and fought for their rights and took on the Deep State,’ thank you very much!”

And in Butler, GA, Michael Harris offered Mr. Lemon another counter-argument: “Or he will go down as the president that took down the biggest criminal organization in the United States known as the Democratic Party along with the RINOs of the Republican Party.”

There is no turning back to the years of the Bush regime for flyover folks. Steve Campbell in Houston offered his favorable rating:

“Trump was completely unorthodox with his approach to his ‘America First’ agenda, which actually exposed (in plain sight) the total corruption and underbelly of American politics, government, and media for the purpose of power and commitment to a movement away from our Constitution. The Republican Party can no longer hide behind the old guard and practices of the past as a defense against the true issues facing this nation with respect to immigration, taxation, foreign trade and policy flaws, crime, socialistic progressives, and independent energy policies.”

A former educator, also from the Lone Star State, brought the sentiment of flyover folks home to roost. And this week, that is the last word:

“I am not sure the Republican politicians realize it yet, but American citizens will expect them to step up and really do things: protect the unborn, support our military, make financial decisions that help OUR economy, create jobs for citizens from all walks of life, and protect the Greatest Country in the world.”


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