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Final Efforts: What’s Left for Candidates as November 3 Looms?

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Final Efforts: What’s Left for Candidates as November 3 Looms?

The Devil Went down to Georgia: And we all know what he was up to, but Joe Biden decided to follow and boast that he will save the soul of the nation. After all, that golden fiddle is on the line. Meanwhile, Trump is stumping in Arizona to keep the red state at least in the pink.

The last gasp of the campaigns leading up to Election 2020 is no different than a good strategic plan to go balls to the wall and leave it all on the field. That requires a mad dash through swing states, stopping in some of the least likely and glamorous places with high hopes it will make at least a smattering of a difference. After all, a good handful is sometimes all that is needed in the fickle political climes of a country battling to get through one halva tumultuous year. Just ask Hillary Clinton, who ignored the deplorable-filled states before her untimely but not unexpected fall to Earth.

Salivating Over Red Meat

Several red states appear to be a tad weaker than previously predicted, and when it comes to swing states, well, it’s always anyone’s guess. Texas is being targeted heavily by Democrats – with the ever-unpopular and gesticulating Beto O’Rourke flouting his ideas of gun confiscation and the magic of eating spiritual dirt. Pennsylvania is wobbling between telling Joe Biden to kiss their fracking rumps and blaming President Trump for the reported upsurge of COVID-19.

Joe Biden

But it was Georgia that the Biden camp thought best to bother these last days. First stop, Warm Springs, GA, a symbolic spot the Biden campaign’s poetic arm sought out for that soul of a nation talk. It was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s retreat, and in a spa-like atmosphere, people would be calm and complacent when Biden predicted the “dark winter” soon to encroach on America.

A weary-looking Mr. Biden took the podium and cleverly said, “Warm Springs is a good place to talk about hope and healing.” A stark difference from his last debate performance, where he scared folks with his “dark winter” phrase.  But change the direction he did. He also altogether avoided mentioning that Warm Springs was also where FDR slumped and croaked due to a long list of maladies, including what some experts believe was severe cognitive decline. And now Americans wonder what kind of picture Biden was attempting to paint.

A few miles away, Georgia Republicans were hosting a rowdy, festive event with Governor Brian Kemp: The difference in crowd demeanor was palpable. “Georgia is clearly a battleground state, but we’re going to do whatever it takes to win this war,” Kemp exuberantly spoke, riling up a cheering crowd of about 300.

So, What Is the Strategy?

An election year that is not like any other in our recent history is befuddling to strategists, pollsters, and pundits. Figuring out what the campaigns should do in the final leg of a long and arduous quest should be as easy as looking back for four years. Yeah, that’s impossible to do after 2016 and now COVID. Why is Trump spending additional time in rural America? Trump already has their votes, and these people make up a large percentage of the president’s most fervent base. Why is Biden bothering with Iowa, a next on the list for scary stump speeches?

The aberrant behavior suggests that both campaigns believe the race is still a crapshoot – regardless of the blowhard pronouncements of victory the Democrats and Republicans continue to shout. Fear not, for Liberty Nation will be there when we all find out together on November 3.


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