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David Perdue

Fact Check: Debra Messing, Democrats Falsely Accuse David Perdue of Flashing ‘White Power’ Sign

CLAIM: Hollywood star Debra Messing alleged in a tweet that incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) flashed a “white power” hand sign for the camera during an October rally in Georgia.

VERDICT: False. The photo shows Sen. Perdue with two teenage Republican interns, each holding up three fingers. They were holding up three fingers because the volunteers had successfully made 3,000 contacts in their campaign work.

The original photo was actually posted by Jasper Preston, who is black:

In her tweet, which she appears to have deleted, Will & Grace star Debra Messing accused Sen. Perdue of displaying a “white power” sign and of being a white supremacist. She also called Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) a racist, calling her “KKKKelly” in the same tweet.

“Flashing the #WhitePower sign on the campaign trail in #Georgia,” the actress tweeted. “Is this what you want #Georgia? You voted AGAINST white supremacy in Nov & we need you to do it ONE MORE TIME to fire this guy and #KKKKelly.”


Breitbart News has reached out to Debra Messing.

Messing was basing her accusations on a tweet from an account called “Blue Georgia” (@BlueATLGeorgia). “David Perdue gave the white power sign at his rally,” the anonymous account alleged.

The accusation was re-tweeted by guitarist-turned-blogger Charles Johnson, who repeated the claim. “Loeffler hangs out with the Klan, and Perdue throws white power signs,” he tweeted. “This is who Republicans are.”

Debra Messing has a history of using her Twitter account to make false accusations against Republicans. In June, the actress got hit with a Twitter fact check after Breitbart News reported that she posted a fake photo in an attempt to conflate President Trump and Adolf Hitler. The tweet was later removed from her account.

In September, she called President Donald Trump a “rapist” and a “pedophile,” and repeatedly posted the hashtags #TrumpIsARapist and #TrumpisaPedo, in what appears like an attempt to get the smears trending on the social media platform.

Twitter didn’t issue a fact-check on Messing’s accusations, which are still live on her account.

The Hollywood star recently got in trouble for tweeting a gay insult at President Trump and for wishing him to be raped in prison. She deleted her tweets following an online backlash.

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