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Extended Travel Ban: Will it Pay Off for Trump or Fall Flat?

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Extended Travel Ban: Will it Pay Off for Trump or Fall Flat?

As the anniversary of President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban looms near, several people “in the know” have said a new extensively extended version is in the works. The current ban, part of the original legislation from Jan. 27, 2017, placed restrictions on Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. It is unclear how many or which countries may be included in the expanded version. With the presidential election just months away and the impending impeachment trial, was this a good move on the president’s part?

As Liberty Nation’s Scott D. Cosenza said, Executive Order 13769:

“set off a maelstrom of lawsuits and replacement orders which were quickly struck down by Obama appointees in Federal District Courts in Maryland and Hawaii. Many of those opposed to the way these orders were ruled on early in their jurisprudential history thought it was inappropriate for lower level Obama appointees to overturn, globally, these Executive Orders.”

States across the nation started suing the president and his reputation as a racist soared. The proposed additions would include allies that don’t meet specific security measures as suggested by the Department of Homeland Security. The AP said an official who wished to remain unidentified claimed there had been a review of security protocols for about 200 countries.  So, now that Trump’s reelection is on the line, is it a good idea to roll out such a controversial piece of legislation?


Immigration control is a huge concern for many Americans, especially Trump’s supporters, so this will likely gain him more favor with that set. This is another step in keeping with his original campaign promises, which is surely going to be one of his talking points during his reelection program. The president can show the people how well he has kept his word to Make America Great Again.

The recent conflict with Iran can also serve as inspiration for tightening our borders and strengthening security. Although specifics regarding the proposed expansion are not yet available, just the idea of added safety measures could be reason enough to support it.


Pramila Jayapal

The left, already hypersensitive when it comes to immigration, will likely go to the extreme again, which the media will gobble up and blast disastrous headlines in its’ usual tactic to scare the population into believing its narrative. Those who are on the fence and still undecided about immigration control could go either way, which is a risk and a gamble on the president’s part. But then, the Donald is not known for taking the easy road.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, a very anti-Trump Democrat from Washington state, said, “Different Muslim Ban – same xenophobic Administration. An expanded Muslim Ban will worsen our relationships with countries around the world. It won’t do anything to make our country safer. It will harm refuges, alienate our allies and give extremists propaganda for recruitment.”

The left will see this as another attempt by the president to enforce discrimination while Trump supporters will rally behind the measure to better protect the country and her citizens. Will the Dems use this, somehow, to further press the impeachment agenda?


Read more from Kelli Ballard.

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