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#1 Exposing Political Clichés: An Election Of A Lifetime

By Andrew Moran

This is the most important election of our lifetime — until the next one, that is.

The Democratic primary season is upon us, so that means the field of 2020 (not the year, but the number of presidential candidates) will try to endear themselves to the electorate. This year’s crop of politicians – young and old – will employ a series of clichés that their predecessors did, making observers who have covered these contests every four years roll their eyes, cringe, and consume a glass of scotch.

Former President Barack Obama decided to take a break from hanging out with billionaires and celebrities to help his fellow Democrats during the contentious midterms. Campaigning in ultra-competitive districts across the country, he proclaimed to voters in attendance that this is “the most important election of our lifetimes.” Was it really? Or was it just another election? Read More.

#2 One Hundred Illegals, One Ladder, Zero Consequences

By Kelli Ballard

This wasn’t the first mass crossing, and without more agents to patrol the border, it certainly won’t be the last.

Activity on the U.S.-Mexico border wall is escalating and opposers of national security continue to do everything in their power to risk American lives and safety. On Monday, January 21, more than 100 illegal migrants were caught by border patrol, trying to scale the wall in Arizona’s Yuma sector. CBP Arizona tweeted about the incident, saying:

“On Monday #CBP #YumaSector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 110+ Central Americans who illegally scaled the wall with the assistance of a smuggler with a ladder #NationalSecurity #SouthwestBorder.”

In the video below, aliens are seen forming lines to climb over the wall to get to the U.S. Later, the alleged smuggler is seen running away from the wall dragging the ladder he used to aid the illegals. Read More.

#3 Political Freefall For Sheila Jackson Lee

By Sarah Cowgill

When the mighty fall, they fall hard.

When the mighty tumble off the top of the mountain, yelps of pain and bewilderment emit as the ego bounces off rocks and outcroppings. It is a peculiar sight to behold, and one that often affects those who previously seemed invincible. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is currently experiencing a freefall after an accusation that she retaliated against a staffer who cried rape has come to light – in criminal complaint form. Lee announced her resignation as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), as a result of the scandal.

A woman known as “Jane Doe,” in a gruesomely detailed lawsuit, claims that in 2015, at the age of 19, she was raped by a CBCF employee. She describes her position as an intern and alleges that her attacker was Damien Jones, coordinator of the organization’s intern program. At the time, Lee was not the chair of the foundation. Read More.

#4 Celebs Push Gender Neutral Clothing For Kids

By Laura Valkovic

CelineNununu seeks to change the world through gender-neutral kids’ fashion.

Fashion has often been a key indicator of what is going on in wider society, and it seems that gender-neutral clothing is “in.” Androgynous fashion has been popular among adults since the 1920s – often with chic results – while tomboys eschewed pink princess dresses for much of the 20th century without too much of a fuss. But now is the time to introduce unisex clothing ranges for kids, emblazoned with the slogan “NEW ORDER,” just to make sure the aim of the collection is absolutely clear.

In November 2018, Celine Dion launched her new clothing line, CelineNununu, in cooperation with Israeli children’s fashion brand, Nununu. But this isn’t just the usual money-making merchandise offshoot that so many celebrities these days are investing in; CelineNununu has a mission, and that mission is to change the world. Read More.

#5 Davis Claims Trump And Giuliani Threatened Cohen, So Where’s The Proof?

By Graham J. Noble

If the president and his lawyer have been threatening Michael Cohen, there’s evidence. So why doesn’t Davis share?

Democrats are, no doubt, salivating at the prospect of sinking their teeth into the scores of investigations of the Trump administration they have planned for the next two years. One of the highlights of those investigations is the upcoming appearance, before the House Oversight Committee, of the President’s former “fixer,” Michael Cohen. That event, originally scheduled for February 7, has now been postponed for a reason that defies belief and that, potentially, puts Cohen himself and his Democrat activist lawyer, Lanny Davis, in a very difficult position.

Davis cited “ongoing threats” against Cohen and his family as the reason for postponing the hearing, though the attorney offered no explanation of why the alleged threats have any conceivable effect on his client’s agreement to testify before Congress. A congressional hearing is little more than a fact-finding exercise, while Cohen himself has already been grilled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators. There is nothing of substance that Cohen could possibly tell the oversight committee that he hasn’t already divulged to Mueller. Read More.

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