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CNN’s Gangel: After Meeting, GOP ‘Alarmed at Trumps ‘Demeanor’ — ‘Not in Control of Himself’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Newsroom,” special correspondent Jamie Gangel said one of her Republican sources told her President Donald Trump’s behavior shook many Republican lawmakers at a White House meeting on Wednesday.

Gangel said, “So we have some new reporting, and I’m going to put on my glasses to read some of the quotes because they’re so shocking. The bottom line is, Nancy Pelosi, as you just said, was not the only person shaken up coming out of there. We’ve spoken to a Republican source who was in the room. I’m told that they were alarmed at his demeanor. Quote, ‘Everyone left completely shaken, shell shocked. He is not in control of himself. It is all yelling and screaming.’”

She continued, “And I asked the source, you know, who’s been in many meetings with them, has it changed? Is it worse? Because every week we talk about, is it getting worse? The source said, ‘100%.’”

She added, “I asked, are you worried about his stability? And the source said, ‘yes.’ The source went on to talk to other senior Republicans who were in the meeting. They were also shaken up. One used the word ‘sickened.’”

She concluded, “They got a sense of the Pentagon, the generals who were there, and they were very upset and the same thing. That this goes beyond just a policy difference. They were concerned about his demeanor. ”

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