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CNN Settles with Sandmann – But Have They Learned Their Lesson?

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CNN Settles with Sandmann – But Have They Learned Their Lesson?

CNN learned a valuable lesson in vetting sources as the young man who they reported was disrespecting a Native American tribal leader was vindicated. In closed-door mediations between lawyers, Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who filed a $275 million lawsuit, has his answer: it was settled. Not dismissed. Not a loss. A win with CNN to pay an undisclosed amount.

The details are sealed. And that bodes well for the additional suits – $800 million in total – Sandmann has filed against The Washington Post and NBC.

How does corporate media continue to report so egregiously wrong? Is it the oft quoted “if it bleeds it leads?” Or perhaps, as a majority of the nation believes, it’s just fake news meant to incite racial discord.

Inflame and Incite

Nick Sandmann and Nathan Phillips

Sandmann and his classmates were in Washington to participate in the March for Life event. While visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the boys came across Nathan Phillips, Omaha Tribe elder, who was also in DC for Indigenous Peoples March. One heavily edited video showing Sandmann in a MAGA hat standing face-to-face with Phillips labeled the kid in perpetuity as a white supremacist staring down an old Native American. But that video doesn’t tell the whole tale. Still, corporate media went hog wild, bashing the kid on every channel and in every major daily.

Somewhat like the story of actor Jussie Smollett, who made up a far-fetched tale of MAGA hat wearing white men hanging out in the Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood at 2 a.m. in well below zero temperatures waiting to jump the actor. It simply did not happen. Smollett was paraded across every medium, telling his saga of sorrow until evidence and the tattling Nigerian brothers unraveled Smollett’s fabrication like a designer cable-knit sweater caught on a nail head.

More recently, with the attacks on Jews in New York City, corporate media was quick to call out white supremacy as the cause and President Trump supporters for increased hate. Turns out, the man arrested for stabbing five Jews at their Rabbi’s home in celebration of Hanukah was 37-year-old Grafton Thomas – an African American and black supremacist, who authorities say had several journals claiming “Hebrew Israelites” stole from the “powerful ebinoid” or black Israelites. But corporate media won’t report his race – perhaps because it deflates their narrative?

They Can’t Help Themselves

Much like a heroin addict, corporate media needs a daily needle to the vein fix to function in the world gone mad since the presidency of Donald J. Trump. In their irrational hatred of conservative values, strong economy, national security, and the American way of life, legacy media outlets have become simply a propaganda machine for the alt-left – and the drug is held back unless the stories unfold as prescribed.

Perhaps more young conservatives, like Nick Sandmann, will rise up to face the tyranny and abuse and take the perpetrators to task for their outright lies and make the pipers pay their own falsely inspired, ever-increasing tab.


Read more from Sarah Cowgill.

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