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Charlamagne tha God: Biden Must ‘Unlearn’ ‘Old White Male Entitlement Mentality’

Influential radio host Charlamagne tha God on Wednesday evening ripped former Vice President Joe Biden as a candidate who “fumbles” and “misses layups” and has not shown he is willing to “unlearn” old ideas.

The Breakfast Club co-host who has emerged this presidential election cycle as one of the most compelling interviewers told CNN’s Don Lemon that Biden “fumbles all the time because Joe Biden suffers from old white male entitlement.”

“He just can’t simply say I was wrong,” Charlamagne said. “He can’t simply, hey, you know, I thought this way at one time, but now I think a different way.”

When asked if Biden was too old to run, Charlamagne again said Biden suffers from “old white male entitlement mentality, privilege” and needs to show that he is willing to “unlearn” things to show that he is not holding on to outdated views on issues like civil rights.

“And I think that you have got to be willing to learn new things, you know? Really you have to be willing to unlearn, you know? A lot of these guys aren’t telling us what they’ve unlearned, because they’re still holding on to those old things that we’re complaining about,” he continued.

He also ripped President Donald Trump for suffering from “old white male entitlement” as well and warned Democrats not to nominate a Trump-like candidate to try to win over Trump voters in the general election.

“Old white male entitlement. Only old rich white male can get away with the things that Donald Trump is getting away with. People say it all the time. If Barack Obama did a quarter of the things that Donald Trump has done, he wouldn’t even made it to the nominee or anything,” Charlamagne said. “Like, so it’s like we know what it is. Like, why do we ask these questions when we know the answers? You know Donald Trump is getting away with what he’s getting away with because of old white male entitlement, the age-old white privilege that’s been going on in America since the beginning of time.”

When Lemon asked why, despite all of his missteps and faults, Biden is still doing so well with black Democrats in state and national polls, Charlamagne said: “It’s all about Barack Obama.”

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