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Biden’s Presidential Honeymoon Marred by Mostly Peaceful Protests

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Biden’s Presidential Honeymoon Marred by Mostly Peaceful Protests

Once upon a time, there was an unjust and divisive president ruling over the United States with an iron fist. So egregious were his many offenses that the masses rose up against him. Black Lives Matter protested because he was a racist. Antifa protested because he was a fascist. Together, along with an assorted variety of other leftists, these groups burned and pillaged their way across the nation, seeking redress for systemic racism, police brutality, and, well, anything else they could come up with to be offended about. But then election time came ‘round once again, and the heroic people’s champion was elected, driving the evil tyrant away. And so it was that everyone went home and lived happily ever after … the end.

…it was never about who won the 2020 election for these anarchists.

What a fantastic fairy tale for the left. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Antifa, BLM, and other irate leftists are still protesting peacefully – burning flags, breaking windows, and painting vulgar messages on walls. To the lunatic left, it doesn’t matter that the evil orange man was defeated. They don’t want Biden. They want to riot. They want to tear down the entire system and revel in the chaos that ensues. And though the Democrats watched gleefully as similar “mostly peaceful protests” raged across the nation in support of progressive ideology, now they’re going to have to eat some of that crow they had hoped to serve up to Trump and his supporters. But you won’t hear about it from the complicit media. No, that wouldn’t fit the narrative of Biden as the great American savior.

Keep Portland Weird – Mission Accomplished

we want revenge signPortland, OR, has a peaceful protest problem. From the mostly peaceful Occupy ICE protest in 2018 that saw federal employees locked in their building for fear of bodily harm to the autonomous zone of 2020, Antifa, BLM, and other far-left protesters have terrorized the city nigh endlessly during the Trump presidency.

And they haven’t stopped for Biden.

About 200 progressive protesters gathered in Portland after Biden’s inauguration. They celebrated by vandalizing the headquarters to the Democratic Party of Oregon, demanding ICE be disbanded, and getting gassed by the police. They wore black clothes and black masks to obscure their identities and carried Antifa flags and a big banner with the message “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN – WE WANT REVENGE!” They drew anarchist symbols and wrote vulgar messages on walls and windows – inspiringly clever things, like “F— Biden.”

Another group of about 150 protesters gathered in a different part of the city foreshadowed the state of the Union under Biden. “This is such a monumental day,” one speaker said. “Because today is the day we dump Trump. But we need to embrace resistance too. The fight is just beginning.”

If there’s one thing Democrats across the nation should pay attention to right now, it’s that message: The fight is just beginning. Trump or Biden, it was never about who won the 2020 election for these anarchists.

A Sad Day for Seattle

AntifaAntifa members also vandalized several businesses in downtown Seattle, WA, another hot spot for leftist demonstrations as of late. Protesters busted the glass out of the doors to the federal courthouse and painted anarchist symbols and messages like “Skin Biden & Kopmala” – an admittedly clever take on the new vice president’s name and former profession as a prosecutor – on the Amazon Go storefront. Even stereotypically progressive Starbucks wasn’t immune to the insanity, as Antifa smashed through windows seemingly indiscriminately. Demonstrators marched around town most of the day and burned a large American flag in the street near the immigration court.

Colorado Chaos

In Denver, CO, Antifa and BLM were joined by members of Communist Party USA and the Brown Berets, an anti-capitalist Chicano group. They protested outside the Capitol and also burned American flags. They denounced both Democrats and Republicans for turning a blind eye to police violence and racial injustice.

California Dreamin’

ungovernable AntifaSacramento, CA, had its share of demonstrations. Dozens of Antifa members marched around chanting things like “No prisons, no walls – no USA at all,” “No kids in cages,” and “All cops are ba—–s.” There were Antifa flags and Black Lives Matter signs and banners, as well as a large banner that read “Abolish ICE.” The Antifa Sacramento website explained the protest: “The fact that one figurehead is being traded for another on the 20th does not matter to us.” Sacramento police say the protesters turned over the fencing at the DA’s office, and some were reportedly toting clubs and shields – with entirely peaceful intent, naturally. This is Antifa and BLM, after all, not the Proud Boys.

Move Along, Nothing to See Here …

Though the leftist mob has turned against even the Democratic Party, the complicit media isn’t quite ready to report on it. An internet search for keywords “riot” or “protest” turns up a few results that mention the protests by Trump supporters that were prophesied but, for the most part, never came. There are dozens of articles about the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol. If you’re using some search engine that’s a bit more trustworthy than Google, you may find a few more unbiased or conservative outlets covering these events.

But not a peep from The New York Times or CNN. Even searching the terms “riot” and “protest” directly on their sites turns up nada.

When will the establishment media mention these events? Perhaps they’re waiting to see how the left-wing politicians handle it.


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