Andrew Yang Has More Support Than Kamala Harris In Her Home State, New Poll Reveals

Poll shows Yang ahead of Kamala Harris

A new Emerson poll shows entrepreneur Andrew Yang polling ahead of Kamala Harris in California, Harris’ home state. Yang is polling at 7 percent, while Harris trails slightly behind at 6 percent.

This poll also reveals a stark difference between support for the three top-tier candidates — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren — and the rest of the Democratic candidates.

Biden and Sanders are tied at 26 percent, Warren is polling at 20 percent, and the next in line is Yang at 7 percent. That’s a 13-point difference.

But other polls show a similar disparity between the top-tier candidates and the rest of the contenders. And the Emerson poll isn’t the only one showing Harris’ plummeting support.

A new NBC News/WSJ national poll shows a gap between Biden and Warren from the rest of the Democratic nominees. Warren holds an 11-point lead over Sanders. But Sanders’ double digit numbers still leave him 7 points ahead of the next highest candidate, Pete Buttigieg, at 7 percent.

The NBC/WSJ poll also shows Harris has lost 8 percentage points since July.

What’s caused this steep drop-off for Harris? During the debate on July 31, White House hopeful Tulsi Gabbard ripped into Harris over her harsh prosecutorial record.

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Harris was polling at approximately 15 percent after the first round of Democratic debates, on par with candidates such as Warren and Sanders. After Gabbard attacked her during the second round of Democratic debates, however, Harris’ numbers have demoted her to second-tier candidate status, especially as top-tier candidates begin to gain more traction among Democratic voters at-large.



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