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An Unapologetic Trumps Stands at Alamo

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An Unapologetic Trumps Stands at Alamo

President Donald Trump took the stage at Alamo, TX, to defend the big, beautiful border wall as calls from Democrats echoed in the Swamp bubble demanding that he step down or face another impeachment. Trump, unmasked, seemed defiant and nonplussed at the uproar, maintaining he did nothing wrong on Jan. 6 as protesters breached Capitol security and entered House chambers.  Dismissing the “witch hunt” continually perpetrated by the left and the ridiculous notion of invoking the 25th Amendment, Trump kept a bold presence.

The president had urged supporters gathered in D.C. to “fight like hell” to get answers about questionable election results. No one could have predicted the bad apples who took protests too far as Trump’s rallies have been traditionally peaceful.

Trump addressed last week’s chaos and defended the anger of Americans who believe the election was severely compromised. He began with the remark, “Free speech is under assault,” adding the Biden administration should “be careful what you wish for.”

Accomplishments Reel

There is no doubt that Trump had crafted a successful economy until the advent of COVID-19 – a pandemic that leftists hoped would derail the man’s impressive record on low unemployment enjoyed by every American minority and increases in wages that had stagnated for decades.

But the hot-button issue that defined the president’s first three years in office was immigration, including the construction of a southern U.S. border wall. And that is what Trump celebrated in Alamo. “We worked long and hard to get this done. And they said it couldn’t be done.” Trump praised the boots on the ground — the members of the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Immigration Enforcement — touting that illegal crossings were down 90% and more than 500,000 arrests of hardened criminal illegal aliens had been made.

Add to that the decrease in asylum fraud and the agreement with Mexico to house those seeking asylum to slow down the crush on the U.S. legal system. The president of Mexico was praised, and Trump lauded 27,000 Mexican soldiers who patrolled the border as the wall segments were being built.

Trump was there to “celebrate a great achievement,” as he said, the overall immigration reform completed in a few short years that brought order to the border. He touched on the “invisible enemy” that has affected both countries, noting that his immigration plans and new border barriers are keeping both sides safer from COVID-19.

He drew a big line in the sand for the Biden administration to not touch the strides made under his immigration policies and further warned that playing politics would damage the public safety of all Americans.

Will the Legacy Stand?

Trump spoke only briefly, touching the high points of his reforms, but words of caution to avid supporters filled the air. He reminded people there was “tremendous anger, division, and pain,” which could be “dangerous for America at this time.” The president suggested that it’s “time for peace and calm. The foundation for the MAGA agenda … support of law enforcement.”

It was his first public appearance since the melee at the Capitol, and many wonder if Trump will be able to salvage more of his reel of great accomplishments. Or will shadows cast by Republican leaders stepping away, leaving only Trump supporters to navigate the America First agenda without the charismatic leadership of Trump, be his legacy?


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