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A Migrant Christmas Gift: Infectious Disease

A Migrant Christmas Gift: Infectious Disease

Immigrants don’t bring disease into the United States. Oh, except for tuberculosis, dengue, and chikungunya among other things. This powder keg of a public health crisis is waiting to explode and the advocacy news media is doing everything in its power to keep the American public uninformed about the health risks of permitting thousands of people to cross the border into America.

…it was “insane to bring in migrants from any country without proper health screening.”

A new report by Dr. Paul Spiegel, who seems rather adept at talking out of both sides of his mouth, claims that migrants do not represent a health hazard. In an article commissioned by the Lancet medical journal, Spiegel notes that people from other countries are not as prone to die of cancer and heart disease as Americans.  But he does reveal that migrants are more likely to carry TB, hepatitis, and HIV.

Get out the Dictionary!

Then there’s dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and Chikungunya. Haven’t heard of those? Dengue is a virus often seen in tropical areas of the world. Mosquitos transmit it. And it is rising in the United States. Guess where it’s from?  Dengue is “endemic in Puerto Rico and many popular tourist destinations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific islands,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC reports:

“Dengue hemorrhagic fever is characterized by a fever that lasts from 2 to 7 days … symptoms [include] persistent vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and difficulty breathing, may develop. This marks the beginning of a 24- to 48-hour period when the smallest blood vessels become excessively permeable, allowing the fluid component to escape from the blood vessels into the pleural cavity. This may lead to failure of the circulatory system and shock, followed by death, if circulatory failure is not corrected.

There is no known medication for DHF currently. But wait – there’s more.

Chikungunya is another virus transmitted to humans by way of the mosquito. Like dengue and zika, chikungunya will cause muscle pain and joint swelling. Newborns and older adults with diabetes and other health problems are at high risk for a more severe version of chikungunya.

Last month the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons said in an interview with Judicial Watch that it was “insane to bring in migrants from any country without proper health screening.” Even during the days of Ellis Island, migrants had to submit to routine health exams.

Could we, perhaps, be looking down the barrel of a healthcare .357? All we need do is take a glance at what’s happening just beyond the borders of Venezuela. The economic nightmare in the so-called Land of Grace has people starving, dying and fleeing. And when they escape this lovely haven of socialism, they bring a goodie bag of yellow fever, diphtheria, and dengue with them. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, medical authorities in the town of Amazon – just outside the borders of Venezuela, “watched with alarm as measles reappeared with a vengeance.”

America Lacks Compassion?

Liberty Nation’s Joe Schaeffer recently wrote:

“The loaded term ‘compassion’ is indeed thrown around like a weapon by leftists pushing unchecked immigration into this country. Yet there is no compassion shown for American citizens threatened by illegal immigrants who don’t care one whit whether or not they spread contagious diseases among the communities they steal their way into.”

LN and other conservative outlets are but Irukandji Jellyfish in an ocean of leftist media behemoths. And just who do they turn to when it’s time to discuss immigration? Why the media digs up a comment from “experts”  who inform us that, “Contrary to the current political narrative portraying migrants as disease carriers who are a blight on society, migrants are an essential part of economic stability in the U.S.” That’s just one pearl from NBC’s Maggie Fox.

Migrants are only an essential part of U.S. economic stability if you believe it’s healthy for a country to have people on government assistance. As noted recently in Liberty Nation, nearly two-thirds of the people on welfare are non-citizens.

Immigrants do bring one thing to the U.S. – and that is an ever growing and stable voting block for the Democrats. Could that, perchance, be why Schumer, Pelosi & Co. are so insistent that immigration reform not be passed by the 116th Congress?

Nah, it would be too cynical even to imagine such a thing.

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